Yamazaki 25 Year Old Hospitality Limited Edition

Yamazaki 25 Year Old Hospitality Limited Edition


Distillery Yamazaki
Whisky Origin Japanese
Single Malt Yes
Blended No
Grain No
Alcohol Strength 43.30%
Bottle Size 70cl
Box Yes
Box Condition Good
Label Condition Good
Shoulder Level Good
Weight 3 Kg

Yamazaki 25-Year-Old Hospitality Limited Edition

Yamazaki 25-Year-Old Hospitality Limited Edition. Sealed with a Mizuhiki, five corded knots symbolize the joining of hands. Matured in sherry casks. SHOP NOW

A limited release of Suntory’s award-winning whisky, with only about 100 bottles ever made. This Yamazaki single malt whisky, aged 25 years, is specially designed to epitomize Japanese hospitality. Using traditional Washi paper, depicting the bamboo forests of Yamazaki, and coming in a Paulownia wood case, it is the perfect gift. Sealed with a five-cord ‘Mizuhiki’, which symbolizes joining hands and the heart of the giver with the recipient, this is the very essence of Japanese hospitality.

A limited edition of around 100 bottles celebrating Japanese hospitality.

Suntory’s flagship distillery, Yamazaki was founded by Shinjiro Torii in 1923. The town of Yamazaki was chosen to be the site of Japan’s first commercial distillery due to its very ‘Scottish’ climate, and with it being an area where three rivers converge. In its early days, Yamazaki produced both malt and grain for Suntory’s blends, but the opening of the Chita distillery in 1972 allowed the company to focus on its single malt brand. It is now one of the world’s most desirable. The first spirit ran from the stills in 1924, on 11th November at 11:11 a.m.

This whisky has been matured for 25 years in the finest Oloroso sherry casks.

The limited edition bottling is decorated with a five-cord ‘Mizuhiki’, which symbolizes the joining of hands and hearts of the giver and recipient. The Paulownia wooden case is also decorated using traditional Washi paper, depicting the bamboo forests of Yamazaki.

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